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We transform organizations and refine leaders

Organization Development

Your business or non-profit is as interdependent as the systems of your body. Just as a physician can diagnose and treat problems in your body, we can diagnose and treat your organization.


A neutral third party who is skilled in the art of facilitating group dynamics is crucial to helping solve difficult problems. We use The Skilled Facilitator (TSF) approach to handling your needs.

Leadership Development

Are you investing in your leaders? Without an intentional leadership development system you will not achieve your organization's potential. Let us put our extensive experience and education to work for you in growing more and better leaders.

3- Day Leadership Experiences

The Table is a place of gathering for Leaders who know that it’s through relationships that change happens. Leaders come to the table to: share current challenges, learn the fine art and science of Leadership Challenges, uncover what works for them, and be changed themselves. This March we launch our First Experience, “Igniting Change Through People”. Click here to learn more.

Successful Projects

Stories From Our Clients

Prime Time Shuttle engaged TurningWest to help build a new business, Opoli, to compete with Uber.

What You need to Know

White Papers on Essential Topics

Look over our shoulder to see what we've been learning lately.

Our People Experts

Meet Our Team

Our consultants have made a career of studying people and helping them maximize their giftedness.