Conflict Utilization

Conflict in the workplace is normal . . . but it is COSTLY! Here is some of the research:
“. . .the typical manager may spend 25% of his time dealing with conflicts” (Bass & Bass, 2009, p. 319).”
(as quoted in Raines 2013 p. xxii).

“A 2008 study showed that U.S. employees spent an average of 2.7 hours per week dealing with overt conflicts, which equals about $359 billion dollars’ worth of average hourly wages. This amount equals approximately 385 million days of work (Hayes, 2008).”

(as quoted in Raines 2013 p. xxii).

“For manager, conflict takes up even more time, with one survey showing it takes about 42 percent of the average manager’s day (Watson & Hoffman, 1996) and with Fortune 500 executives devoting 20 percent of their time explicitly to litigation.”

(Raines 2013 p. xxii).

Our consultant team at TurningWest is experienced and well trained in conflict. We understand the nature of conflict and how to use the energy of that conflict to build stronger teams, relationships, and advance goals. We use the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument and its attendant theory to bring individuals to new self awareness on their personal conflict mediation style and then how to adapt to conflict situations to best move the team and relational goals forward.

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