From the very moment a new corporation is formed, it begins growing a unique organizational culture. The influence of the founding leadership starts to shape a culture that mirrors their own strengths and weaknesses. Generally 100% of time and energy is spent in launching the business and no attention is paid to intentionally choosing a productive and healthy culture. The price for this oversight is paid years down the line when the organization is faced with having to remold the flaws that were pressed into the culture from the outset.

The consultants at TurningWest are experts in organization culture. We intimately know organization culture through our extensive graduate education in the field and via our our extensive leadership experience. We know intimately where the potholes are on the road to success. We are adept at guiding you to intentionally shape your organization’s culture and we are expert at leading massive turnaround initiatives designed to return dysfunctional culture back to health again.

We can guide you to unleash the hidden potential of your people and the culture they form together so that you can achieve all your dreams.

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