Eric Goldschmidt

  Eric - Headshot     As a leader in the non-profit sector for 25 years, Eric recognizes that healthy leaders make for healthy organizations. He has a particular concern for helping leaders maximize their gifts and address their areas of weakness so that they excel at their positions and retain talented workers. In his role as the Executive Director of a successful start up and of a large, well-established firm, Eric also knows what it takes to get a group up and running strong and what it takes to retool an older organization so that it functions more efficiently and effectively. He is an experienced and skilled listener who is able to dialogue respectfully with people from all different levels of an organization. Listening closely to a variety of voices enables him to accurately assess what is keeping an organization from reaching its full potential. As a long-time teacher, he is also equipped to communicate those findings in a persuasive and winsome manner.
          With his background in the non-profit world, Eric excels at bringing diverse groups together to accomplish a common mission. He is experienced at teaching leaders how to build consensus, achieve buy-in and ownership among individuals, and strengthen the cohesion of the group. Most importantly, he is able to teach leaders how to listen so that those who work with them or for them feel valued and appreciated.
         Eric holds a Bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts and a Master of Divinity degree. His training has not only taught him how to teach, but also how to learn. He is an avid reader and a student of all things that enable him to progress as a person and as a consultant. When he is not helping leaders and organizations become as healthy as they can be, you’ll find Eric enjoying nature year round (running, biking, cross-country skiing, hiking) in a wide variety of places.