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Leadership Farm Systems

“Why don’t we have more and better leaders around here?”

Have you ever asked that question of your organization? Sure you have. You’ve asked it because you know that leaders make the difference between achieving and not achieving. The problem is where to find more and better leaders!

Leaders are not born, they are made! In other words, great organizations have an intentional process of growing the next generation of leaders and continually improving their current leaders.

Take professional baseball as an example. In order to play in the Major Leagues, a baseball player first works his way through the minor league system of A, AA, and then AAA farm clubs. At each level, the player perfects the skills and instincts needed for the next level.

We can create just a farm system for leaders within your organization. We will work with you to identify what leadership skills are needed at every level and then put in place a system for learning and practicing those skills at the level below. Then when it comes to promoting you know that your choice has already demonstrated the leadership skills needed to succeed when promoted.

We will fashion a culture of leadership within your organization. This will be the anchor that steadies your organization in any storm. Leadership will be the bellwether of your success.

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