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Succession Planning

BatonSuccession planning is often by organizations.

Harvard Business Review, in a 2009 issue, cited a survey wherein companies rated their succession planning as a C+ and their execution of those plans with a D grade. In other words, most companies can develop a hiring process, but they have not thought through the entire process of preparing the organization for the change of leaders. Even worse, they have not prepared the leader for entry into the system.

Smooth successions are infinitely more complicated than just finding the right person to be organization’s next leader.

Our succession planning service offers more than just best-practice project management; we delve deeper to attend to the social and organizational integration of the new leader into the system thus ensuring accomplishment of your mission. We know that finding a new successor is often complicated by vital factors that are often neglected by other succession planning firms. As people experts, we at TurningWest have the depth of knowledge and experience to create a culture of leadership development within your organization that will shape your next leader for success.

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