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Prime Time Shuttle began in 1984 to serve the need of Los Angeles County as it prepared for the world to come for the Olympics. The world of transportation has changed dramatically since then and Prime Time Shuttle sensed the need to move to the new shared ride model of service delivery. The leadership new that critical to establishing a new business model was intentionally shaping a new organizational culture and then maintaining that culture side-by-side with the culture of the existing business. For expert guidance, Prime Time Shuttle engaged the Organization and Leadership Development expertise of TurningWest. The new company, Opoli, has been born and is expanding operations to compete with Uber and Lyft. Its innovative technology is supported by an organizational structure and culture poised for unprecedented success!


 “I want to personally thank you for the wonderful work you did with our SAAC during our re-structuring period.  I admire your leadership and knowledge and learned a tremendous amount from you.”

Patti LaPlace, MPA

Long Beach MultiService Center


“Dr. Steven Goodwin mentors me regularly on leadership development and the importance of vision. I highly recommend any of his services.”

Elaine Kennedy, Head of School

New Morning School


“Steve is an incredible resource for perspectives on leadership and management. Not only has he literally “written the book” on a variety of topics, but I’m certain that what has made it to paper is just a fraction of his encyclopedic knowledge. Most importantly, he knows how to apply it.”

Joe Churpek, Partner

The Analytical Ones


“. . .I believe the information you gave me. . .was one of the key factors in helping our church turnaround. Your insights into leading a turnaround project proved to be invaluable. Keep spreading the word and thank you.”

 Pastor Steve Schibsted

Bidwell Presbyterian Church, Chico, CA


“Your timing and expertise working with our company has been exceptional. The help and guidance Becky has provided with Human Resources has given us a strong new level of understanding in the proper way to make our employees feel safe and comfortable.”

Bill Irwin, Owner Beneficial Ag Services

 “TurningWest helped us to see the seeds of our dysfunction that we need to address before they become catastrophic. Now we are prepared to tackle the massive influx of new business we are landing everyday.”

Scott Reynolds, President

The Get Smart Group


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