The Creative Director is responsible for managing and directing the creative team and their output. The Creative Director will cultivate and develop the overall creative direction for the company and will supervise a creative team that is responsible for branding, marketing, design, media outreach, and message development.  

Duties and Responsibilities (partial list)

  • Works with the General Manager and President to develop cohesive and productive goals for the company and design ways to meet them.
  • Transforms rough ideas and general concepts into actions, products, and completed products or messages.
  • Leads the creative team (both internal and external team members) and directs project completion in line with company goals.
  • Develops design concepts that further the company’s brand identity.
  • Inspires the creative team to more advanced and better work using brainstorming sessions, team meetings, and other strategic tools.
  • Formulates short and long term creative goals and strategies for achieving them.
  • Maintains consistency of the quality and message of the creative team’s output.
  • Evaluates the current status of the industry and the market to ensure delivery of relevant and useful products, messages, or branding.
  • Anticipates the future direction of the industry using both research and own insight, and brings the company into the fore of that trajectory.

The Ideal Candidate

Key Characteristics

The Creative Director is passionate about Brewer Direct’s clients and those whom they serve. This person knows why they do what they do … they have a deep and personal faith. Collaboration, a focus on solutions, and a bent for the positive are ingrained in their personality, and their ability to manage, inspire, and lead others has been repeatedly affirmed. Creativity is presumed, self-motivation is a must, and a sense of humor is necessary for survival.  

Desired Background and Qualifications

  • May come from an agency or large non-profit organization background.
  • Resumé will demonstrate a positive and relevant career trajectory.
  • Will likely have a writing or direct marketing point of view.
  • Able to formulate and ask strategic questions, both internally and externally.
  • Interested in making a long-term career investment of 10-20 years.
  • A strong working knowledge of project management, design and brand development, and directed marketing solutions.
  • Know how to nurture and adapt an existing brand to suit changing circumstances within the company and the industry.
  • Incredibly innovative.
  • Creative with a unique approach to persistent problems, adding value to existing products and deriving positives from negatives.
  • Able to take charge of any situation, exerting a dominant vision and encouraging others to support that vision.
  • Exceptional communication skills and be able to bridge the gap between the Agency, the client, and creative sides of the company

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