Values – Mission – Vision

TurningWest Organizational Culture

Values, Mission, and Vision are the primary shapers of organizational culture. The organization culture of TurningWest, Inc. is fashioned by the following:


We operate out of a consistent set of core operational values in all our internal and external relationships. The following core values make TurningWest unique in the consulting industry:

  • Grace – we believe in second chances and fresh starts.
  • Initiative – we are self-starters and fearlessly tackle all challenges.
  • Excellence – we strive to be the very best at what we do.
  • Integrity – we admit our mistakes and we ‘lean in’ to problems.
  • Transformation – we are convinced that every person and every organization is capable of change.
  • Justice – healthy workplaces begin with just environments.


TurningWest is an Organization and Leadership Development consulting firm that creates superior leaders and healthier organizations so that those organizations can achieve their unique vision for mission.  


Like a supernova exploding with energy, light, brilliance, and beauty, TurningWest reforms the world through its products and services.


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