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Who We Are

Dr. Steven Goodwin

G41A5984-WebDr. Steven Goodwin – Steven is a perpetual cheerleader for personal and organizational transformation. He is consummate learner who reads rapaciously anything and everything he can get his hands on. He has the unique ability to translate first-order research into immediately practical applications for his clients. As a skilled communicator with superior interpersonal skills, Steven is passionate about helping others change the world by guiding them to intentionally build an organizational vehicle to release people to accomplish their dreams. Read More


Deb Prieto

G41A6025-Web Deb Prieto – Deb is an experienced executive leader and change agent of 25 plus years. Her experience and education has transformed many underperforming and start-up organizations including: business, government, non-profit, and community service organizations. She is a visionary leader with expertise in . . .Read More


Edward Vidaurri

Edward Vidaurri Edward Vidaurri – – is a skilled manager interested in helping social service agencies perform at their best for the benefit of those they serve. He is an experienced leader who, in his career at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH), helped initiate and lead a variety of programs creating and maintaining alliances between churches and other faith based organizations and community mental health service agencies. These programs…Read More


Dr. Edmina Bradshaw

PortraitEdmina Bradshaw – Dr. Edmina Bradshaw is a nonprofit sector consultant with a focus on Strategy, Research, Program Development and Evaluation. She has an extensive record of strategic plan development for organizations, anchored in detailed internal and external environmental analyses. With more than 20 years of multinational experience, she has a comprehensive background in effectively managing complex and intensive projects, and in multisite initiatives.Read More

Basilio Ramirez

G41A6005-WebBasilio Ramirez – is an experienced leader of creative arts programs in churches on both the East and West Coasts. As an accomplished musician and producer, he has worked with numerous record companies and music executives. His skill has led him to partner with a multi-Grammy winning/nominated music production house in Los Angeles to producing platinum selling pop albums. He has had the opportunity to speak across the nation through seminars and conferences. Read More


Heidi Bonadie

G41A5996-WebHeidi Bonadie – An alumna of USC’s Marshall School of Business, Heidi’s background includes extensive experience in the field of human resources management and organizational development. She is an inspired coach and agent of change whose talents include strengthening leadership ability in others and supporting them in their efforts to build teams that contribute productively to the accomplishment of organizational goals and mission.Read More


Lisa Goodwin

G41A5924-WebLisa Goodwin, LCSW – Lisa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with nearly twenty-seven years in social services. She is currently Program Director at Pacific Clinics overseeing their Children’s Intensive Community Services program. For the past six years, Lisa has been an active internal consultant through the Pacific Clinics Training Institute. Read More


Kelly Forster

G41A5963-WebKelly Forster – Kelly loves to keep things well ordered. As TurningWest’s Executive Assistant, she keeps the TurningWest Team organized and on track. She is methodical, efficient, detailed oriented, and does all this with a delightful personal grace that makes details less of a chore. Read More


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