Dr. Edmina Bradshaw

Portrait Edmina Bradshaw is a nonprofit sector consultant with a focus on Strategy, Research, Program Development and Evaluation. She has an extensive record of strategic plan development for organizations, anchored in detailed internal and external environmental analyses. With more than 20 years of multinational experience, she has a comprehensive background in effectively managing complex and intensive projects, and in multisite initiatives.

Edmina’s ability to establish collaboration, partnerships and relationships is evidenced in a strong record of providing organizations with tailored and sustainable solutions for their programs and service recipients.

Dr. Bradshaw developed the model and spearheads the ongoing research for Self Directed Volunteer Teams (SDVTs). This model and its accompanying curriculum have had significant uptake in the nonprofit sector as a strategy for engaging and empowering volunteers in addressing issues in their communities. Voluntary sector interest in the SDVT model has resulted in numerous conference presentations, collaborations and speaking engagements in the US and beyond.

Her most recent corporate background was as Senior Vice President for Learning and Development for ACE Ltd, an international insurance organization. With a mandate for development of human capital across 50 countries, her work focused on global leadership, competency based learning and corporate learning systems. She balanced a strong appeal for experiential learning with significant experience in the on-line learning arena.

Edmina’s doctorate (George Washington University) is in Human and Organizational Studies. Her research concentration was on how behavior transformation can become sustainable long-term. Dr. Bradshaw also holds an MBA in Insurance and Risk Management from the College of Insurance (St. John’s University) in New York and a MA in Human Resource Management.

Edmina maintains her pharmacy practice license having initially graduated and worked as a pharmacist in the UK. She has working experience in both industrial and community pharmacy. Most recently, as chair of the board of Pharmacy in Bermuda, she spearheaded critical changes in pharmacy law and standard operating procedures.

Dr. Bradshaw is on the adjunct faculty of University of Maryland University College (UMUC). Edmina enjoys the outdoors and has used her expeditionary adventures to mentor young adults and to raise funds for children’s education across the world.

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