S’More Thoughts


S’Mores are delicious…and sticky. They are fun to make…and risky. Sometimes the risk is simply a minor mess. Sometimes it involves intense heat and fire. But the results are sooo worth it.


Consider this collection of musings, insights, and recommended resources as a friendly campfire conversation. More often than not, something shifts as a result of camaraderie around the fire. Some are subtle…others are profoundly life-altering.

These S’More Thoughts are for you. We’re positive you’ll find something meaningfully sticky if you savor a morsel long enough.

Performance Evaluations Best Practices

Performance Evaluations Best Practices

Performance evaluations are designed to benefit both the employer and employee, but the process is often clouded with dread and fear. How can we facilitate productive discussion in order to benefit both parties? Consider performance evaluation best practices to make...

Is a Meaningful 360 Degree Feedback Possible?

Is a Meaningful 360 Degree Feedback Possible?

Is a meaningful 360 degree feedback possible? The short answer is yes, but it’s a little more nuanced than that. There are several factors to consider before embarking on the 360 degree feedback journey for you and your team.  What is a 360 assessment? In short, a 360...

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