On & Off Site Retreat Facilitation

set your imagination free

Sometimes you just have to break away.

Whether that means unplugging the phones and sequestering the team in the conference room for an on-site retreat or getting off-site to another location for a fresh change of scenery. Corporate retreats can rejuvenate your team and give you time to focus on a complex challenge.

Or, they can be a monumental waste of time and money!

We know how to achieve the former and avoid the latter. You have too much on your plate to really make your on or off-site retreat a success. You could, of course, assign someone from your team to do planning. The trouble here however, is that such planning takes them away from their already overloaded schedule. In addition, your team has not done hundreds of these and does not know all the tips and tricks to success.

Tell us your goals for your next on or off-site retreat and we will handle everything for you. We will work with you to create a plan that unleashes your team’s creativity, works through interpersonal issues, mines for healthy conflict, and hits your target goals.

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