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What do Tiger Woods, LeBron James, dancer Misty Copeland, and Serena Williams all have in common? Besides their world-class accomplishments, all have a coach! 

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another,” goes the ancient biblical proverb. This adage is as true today as it was when it was written more than 2,500 years ago. One of the fastest ways to grow professionally and personally is to engage an executive coach who is trained to create a process where coachees can intentionally reflect on their skills and behaviors in order to rapidly advance their careers. 

Executive coaching is the art of coming alongside leaders to help them to identify and achieve what matters most for them in their lives and careers. The coach creates a trusting, learning partnership and guides a series of conversations in which the client chooses the focus. Our coaches bring presence, deep listening, powerful questions, and relevant tools and resources to support and challenge the individual towards clarifying and realizing their goals. 

In each session we have three primary foci:

  • Address the Learning Goals of the Coachee and focus on one aspect of those goals in each session;
  • Discuss emergent “just-in-time” topics as experiential learning opportunities;
  • Introduce Coach suggested topics on organization and leadership development and emotional intelligence, as appropriate.

If you are serious about your professional and personal growth there is no faster way to achieve that goal than to engage a professionally trained, experienced executive coach. We are TurningWest have undergone extensive training in this regard and have decades of experience in coaching others from a wide variety of backgrounds. We will work with you to craft a process in which you can work through your issues and accelerate your learning.

Nearly every one of our professional consultations involves some level of executive coaching. We believe that to effect lasting change, we must work simultaneously with groups and teams as well as with individuals. We also have many leaders who engage us just for executive coaching as they strive to think differently and explore new pathways in their career.

Are you ready to take your leadership and management to the next level? Call us today to explore how our TurningWest Executive Coaching can launch your career into new places and opportunities!


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Stop Doing These Five Things

If You Want To

Turnaround Your Organization

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