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Healing After Leadership Misconduct

No leader is perfect. Mistakes get made. Forgiveness and restoration not only can strengthen strained relationships but improve organizations.

But, sometimes, leaders violate trust in such a way that the results are catastrophic. Harassment, financial malfeasance, abuse of power, lying and withholding of vital information, inappropriate sexual conduct, and more can breach the inherent trust placed in the leader. In such instances he or she can no longer continue in their role and must be released, maybe even prosecuted.

Such circumstances pose untold hardships upon the remaining organization. Pain, grief, anxiety, loss of productivity, decline in revenue resulting in layoffs, departure of key members or staff, and so much more can result from the aftermath of a tragic abuse of power by a leader.

Too often in such circumstances, organizations believe as though simply removing the leader and addressing the leader’s violation is all that is required to move the organization ahead. Sometimes organizations are wise enough to tend to the emotional debris left in the wake of the violation. Rarely, however, do organizations undergoing such crises attend to healing the culture that either allowed or created this breach.

The consultant team at TurningWest are experts in turning around organizations that have experienced these types of circumstances. Dr. Goodwin spend nearly twenty-five years as a Lutheran minister who, in his every assignment followed a minister who had committed egregious boundary violations. He knows well the “after pastor” syndrome of how difficult it is to bring light and healing to a broken community reeling from the shocking revelations about someone the congregation loved and trusted.

Our approach to Healing After Leadership Misconduct is multi-fold. TurningWest seeks to work on several levels at once to restore a healthy organizational system. These include:

* Providing deep listening, especially to unheard and minority voices;
* Attending to grief and loss issues;
* Installing (or repairing) appropriate checks and balances;
* Creating processes for redrafting new social norms and sanctions to live out the organization’s values, mission, and vision;
* Reigniting appropriate leadership development with intentionally defined boundaries;
* Realigning the organizational culture which either created or allowed the abuse of leadership power.

If your organization finds itself in this type of crisis, we can help. Don’t try to go it alone. You and your organization need outside perspective and expertise to help your people move through this trauma while keeping a persistent focus on your mission.

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