Off Site Retreats

Strategic planning is arguably the central responsibility of senior management. This reality is not lost on the leadership of well-run companies. Successful companies regularly schedule corporate retreats with the goal of getting away from the incessant demands of the business in order to focus on the future. Generally, corporate retreat planning is delegated to a subcommittee to structure and facilitate these strategic retreats. The inherent assumption in this execution planning is that the senior leadership knows the needs of the company best. Therefore they will plan, lead, and participate in the retreat.


There is a better way to get maximum benefit from these expensive and yet invaluable corporate planning sessions: hire a professional facilitator.

Over the last ten to fifteen years, a new profession has arisen called Facilitation. The explosion of neurobiological research on how the human brain learns combined with research on how to successfully unleash creativity has fashioned an exciting new subspecialty in the business world – the skilled facilitator.

Exceptional companies make the most of every minute of corporate strategy sessions by engaging a substantially neutral third-party who excels at group dynamics, creative problem solving, conflict management, communication, breakthrough thinking, and a host of other essential business skills.

Using a skilled facilitator allows the senior management team to be integral participants without the added stress and, far more importantly, the role confusion that comes with trying to lead the meeting while participating in the discussion. The neutral facilitator has a variety of tools in the bag to draw everyone into the conversation, work through unspoken difficulties, and intervene should things get heated.

The people experts at TurningWest, Inc. are trained and experienced facilitators. We utilize the Group Effectiveness Model to elucidate the very best thinking and interactions from your group. We are up on the latest problem-solving methods that can assist your senior management to get beyond the usual answers and discover a new synergy that sparks real breakthroughs.

Call us today and bring us onto your corporate retreat planning team early. We will help you shape the structure of your time to get the maximum value out of your investment of time, money, and talent. We will establish and maintain the ground rules, facilitate your sessions, keep things on track, and make sure that everything is recorded properly. After the retreat, we will work with your team to follow up so as not to lose the invaluable work product of your leadership team retreat.

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