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Rubber Stamp Boards

To pull a long train, it takes two diesel engines yoked in unison. This same principle applies to nonprofit organizations: it takes the engine of great executive leadership yoked to a high performing board to pull the freight leading to the organization’s vision.

All too frequently however, the engine that is the governing board is not pulling its weight. The board meets time after time just reviewing reports from the executive leadership and failing to engage in significant discussion of values, mission, and vision, the true purpose of the organization. We call this phenomenon “the rubber stamp board.”

The consequences of this situation includes leadership that abuses its power since it has unchecked authority, failure to harness the wisdom of talented board members that could significantly advance the organization’s strategy, and can even lead to the demise of the organization itself.

We at TurningWest have seen all these dysfunctions and myriads more. Through countless board development projects we have crafted a process for restoring the power of the nonprofit board so that it can once again contribute its potential power to drive the mission of the organization.

Our board turnaround process involves establishing a coherent governance philosophy, building up internal leadership and the necessary processes for creating future board leaders, establishing practical new habits and policies that lead to better decisions and much more.

We are convinced that stronger boards make for stronger organizations. And, when nonprofit organizations are healthier and have full access to both driving engines, they can then focus on changing the world.

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