Strategic Planning

Planning is at the core of your business. It is essential to your success and your organization does it everyday. However, the question is could your organization plan better? The answer is a definitive yes! Just as a championship athlete continually needs to hone their skills under the guidance of a great coach, a world-class organization benefits greatly from the counsel of a strategic planning coach.

Our Planning Process is composed of five phases: Design-Study-Plan-Act-Tend. We begin at the most crucial juncture, one that is most ignored in organizational planning, the design phase.

  • Design – We work with you to Design the entire Planning Process. This means thinking through the impact of your organizational values, the political ramifications, the potential obstacles you face, the outcomes you want to achieve, the team-learning necessary to accomplishing your organization’s goals, and much, much more. A well-designed planning process exponentially increases your organization’s chances of success.
  • Study – In the second phase we will assist your team in identifying and Studying the issues you face. This phase includes assessing your organizational needs, and creating the conditions for positive change. This step in the process is crucial because it gets everyone on the same page, speaking the same language, and lays the foundation for a new culture to bolster the new endeavor.
  • Plan – The Planning phase is where most organizations begin and it is why so many plans fail. With an excellent process Design and a well-researched Study phase behind you, an excellent Plan can now be fully formed. Our team of expert consultants will work with you to draw up a customized program with clear, achievable milestones so you can see the progress your organization is making toward its goals at every step along the path to success.
  • Act – The Act phase is where your brilliant plan comes to life. This is the fun part! It anticipates all the obstacles you want to overcome, implements elegant solutions tailor-made to fit your needs, and it’s all backed by a proven model of transformational change.
  • Tend – The Tend phase is the second area most often overlooked in unsuccessful plans. Consider this phase the follow-through. It incorporates all four previous phases (Design, Study, Plan, Act) and anchors the changes in your corporate culture and institutional habits to create lasting success, so you can project the evolution of your organization far into the future.
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