Structures and Systems

Growth Patterns

Businesses and organizations grow in organic, dynamic ways. You are busy making money or striving to change the world. In the meantime, what tends to happen is uneven growth and unbalanced systems and structures. This is natural. When it happens in nature, say with the landscaping in your yard, you call a professional to prune and reshape the bushes and trees. Pruning not only makes for a more beautiful appearance, but increases plant health as well.


Are the structures of your organization maximized to deliver the results you seek? Is your organizational system pruned to bear healthy fruit? Is your culture truly aligned with your values and mission? Are hidden structural issues limiting your potential? A study1 of the fortune 1,000 companies found that as much as 20% of employees time was wasted due to issues of unaligned corporate culture. 20%! Imagine your productivity and profitability increasing 20% as a result of diagnosing and reshaping your corporate culture.

1Terrence A. Deal and Allan A. Kennedy, Corporate Cultures: The Rites And Rituals Of Corporate Life (Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1982).

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