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Troubled Teams

Teams can be productive, engaging, uplifting, and synergistic; or, they can be draining, demoralizing, wasteful, or even toxic. 

The key to turning troubled teams into productive ones lies in understanding the sociological dynamics of groups and how to create the cultural environment to turn individuals into winning teams.

There can be many reasons for how a group of highly competent, intelligent individuals can come together to form troubled teams. Generally speaking, at the heart of the problem is an outflow of the old adage that “leaders get either what they create or what they allow.”

Our consultant team at TurningWest are all experienced leaders in their own right. We each have learned from both experience and study how to transform troubled teams into productive, enriching powerhouses.”

It saddens us to hear so many stories of organizations burdened with troubled teams. They can be huge time wasters or even deeply toxic experiences that drive away core talent. A key component of our consulting practices is bringing healing to troubled teams. We understand the hidden sociology of team formation and behavior and have vast experience in restoring troubled teams to health and productivity.

We at TurningWest have seen all these dysfunctions and myriads more. Through countless board development projects we have crafted a process for restoring the power of the nonprofit board so that it can once again contribute its potential power to drive the mission of the organization.

Give us a call and tell us your story of your troubled team(s). We offer a free 30 minute consultation during which you will at least walk away with some new insights on the underlying cause of the dysfunction and an idea or two to move forward with. Or, you can engage us to work alongside you to apply our knowledge to your situation.

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