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Turning around Dysfunctional Cultures

Something is wrong, seriously wrong, with your organization. You have tried changing out key leaders, a new strategic plan, new management techniques, and more and still nothing seems to move the needle. Morale is low, employee engagement is abysmal, gossip is rampant, and conflict is never ending.

You have a dysfunctional organizational culture.

Dr. Goodwin has spent the last 30 plus years studying this phenomenon. For nearly 25 years he successfully led turnarounds at historically dysfunctional nonprofits. For the past ten years he and the TurningWest team of expert Organization Development consultants have helped scores of dysfunctional organizations realign their cultures towards health and vitality.

Our unique process goes much, much deeper than the usual methods for reshaping persistently toxic cultures. We have developed a tool kit of ten primary culture embedding mechanisms to realign cultures back to missional health. These include:

1. Discerning and Clarifying Values, Mission, and Vision;
2. Identifying and realigning cultural Basic Assumptions;
3. Building congruent Mental Models;
4. Realigning Language;
5. Rewriting the organizational Narrative;
6. Constructing and implementing healthy Social Norms;
7. Restructuring Power Alignments;
8. Framing Team Learning;
9. Reassessing Measurement Systems;
10. Reorienting Leadership;

If you find yourself leading a dysfunctional organization, let us assure you that you are very unlikely to restore health to your organization’s culture on your own. You will need a very, very specialized set of sociological and anthropological tools applied at the deepest level of your social organization if you hope to bring out transformational change.

Stop Doing These Five Things
If You Want To
Turnaround Your Organization

Stop Doing These Five Things

If You Want To

Turnaround Your Organization

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