Executive Coaching

The myth of star performers says that some people are just more driven than others. This myth sets organizations on a perennial search to find and hire these diamonds in the rough.

What most people miss, however, is that high performing individuals were beneficiaries of great mentors and world-class environments that tapped their hidden potential and turned it into productivity gold. 

A generation of research has convincingly demonstrated that the vast majority of workers can perform at much, much higher levels than they are currently. Let us show you how to release the hidden potential and untapped drive within your employees. We can show you the three secrets to human behavior that can transform even your most apathetic or irritable employee into a star performer.


  • Coaching sessions will be held either in-person or via Zoom as distance and availability permit;
  • A “Coaching Conversation Agenda” form will be forwarded to you in advance of your session and returned for the Coach to review prior to session.

Each session during this executive coaching engagement will have three primary foci:

  • Address the Learning Goals of the Coachee and focus on one aspect of those goals in each session;
  • Discuss emergent “just-in-time” topics as experiential learning opportunities;
  • Coach suggested topics on organization and leadership development and emotional intelligence.

Sessions generally run between 60 and 75 minutes, unless by mutual agreement.

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