Team Building

Basketball Team

Think of any great sports team in history. One commonality amongst them all was the time they spent practicing their teamwork, led by a great coach.

Business and nonprofits are no different. Teamwork does not just happen. It is planned for. It is practiced again and again. John Wooden, one of the most famous college basketball coaches of all the time, used to script his team’s practice sessions down to the minute. No wonder they had such a storied basketball program.

Your team, no matter how well it is currently performing, would benefit greatly by an intentional effort to strengthen good habits, improve communication, and build higher levels of trust. We are experts at building up teams of people and helping teams solve their most persistent problems. We can be your coach for a day on-site retreat or as on ongoing part of your intentional team development. We will teach you how to be the John Wooden of your organization’s team.

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