What We Do

Organization Development


Organization Development is the art and science of applying behavioral and change management principles to create healthy human work systems and cultures.


Organization Development Services

Your business or non-profit is as interdependent as the systems of your body. Just as a physician can diagnose and treat problems in your body, we at TurningWest can likewise uncover where your organization is bleeding causing it to be less than effective.

We offer more services than are listed. Please schedule a free consultation to learn more.

Structure & Systems

Are the structures of your organization maximized to deliver the results you seek? Is your organizational system pruned to bear healthy fruit? Is your culture truly aligned with your values and mission?

Start Up Development

Want to change the world by starting a non-profit? Hoping to follow your dreams and open your own business? Don’t know where to start?

Shaping Culture

Your primary job as a leader is to shape the culture of your workplace. The goal of leaders is to produce a healthy environment with maximum productivity. We have the expertise and experience to assist you to do just that.

Strategic Planning

Planning is at the core of your business. It is essential to your success and your organization does it everyday. The question is however, could your organization plan better?

Business Plans & Development

Success depends on maximum efficiency. Let us help you fashion a well-crafted, cohesive, comprehensive plan. A detailed plan will persuade potential investors and guide you daily.


DO you Really Need a strategic plan?

It is common knowledge that all great organizations need a strategic plan, but did you ever stop to ask why?

One of the problems with “common knowledge” is that we accept it blindly and fail to question its suppositions. Why do you need a strategic plan anyway?

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