Start Up Development

Want to change the world by starting a non-profit? Hoping to follow your dreams and open your own business? Don’t know where to start?

Leaders always have a new horizon they want to explore, a new mountaintop to summit. The problem is that you are already so insanely busy!

We can help! As experts in organization startups, we will help you articulate your values and vision, write a comprehensive business plan, develop a board manual and recruiting tools, and project manage the myraid of details required. This frees you to do what only you can do, live the vision and make it real!

The manner in which you begin a new venture is critical to later success. The early stage of a new enterprise either lays the seeds of success or cements the flaws that assure its eventual destruction. We will work alongside you to get the best start possible by laying a foundation for success that creates a healthy, cohesive organizational culture that will last generations.

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