About US
Our passion is helping organizations create healthy human work systems in order to change the world. We are experts in human dynamics within organizations. It is our belief that success in any endeavor lies in uniting, mobilizing, leading, managing, and harmonizing team performance.

Our Core Values


We believe in second chances and fresh starts.


We are self-starters who fearlessly tackle all challenges.


We strive to be the very best at what we do.


We admit our mistakes and we ‘lean in’ to problems.


We are convinced that every person and every organization is capable of change.


Healthy workplaces begin with just environments.

Our Mission

TurningWest is an Organization and Leadership Development consulting firm that creates superior leaders and healthier organizations so they can achieve their unique vision for mission.

A Better World

Our Vision

Like an exploding supernova, we transform decaying systems into a spectacular burst of beauty, energy, and momentum that creates a new world.

Dr. Steven Goodwin


Steven is passionate about helping others change the world by guiding them to intentionally build an organizational vehicle to accomplish their dreams.

Melody Cullum


An expert consultant, Melody approaches Organizational Development with practical tools and assessments to facilitate change and growth.

Joel Rude


Joel’s experience as an executive with several non-profits and their boards gives him a pivotal perspective on organizational dynamics

Megan Sands

Associate Consultant

Megan supports the Consultant team’s accomplishment and management of client projects and deliverables.

Dr. Reggie Thomas


Reggie’s greatest strength is relationships. His passion is to help leaders develop healthy relationships in the workplace as well as help individuals enjoy fulfilling and enriching relationships.

Karen Cheung

Associate Consultant

As an Associate Consultant, Karen’s skills are systematic, steadfast and her commitment to high principles, thoughtful words and considerate actions inspire the team to do its best work.

Lisa Goodwin

Vice President

Lisa is Vice President of TurningWest and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over thirty years of experience in social services.

Edward Vidaurri


Edward is a skilled manager interested in helping social service agencies perform at their best for the benefit of those they serve. He is an experienced leader

Kelly Forster

Executive Assistant

Kelly systematically tracks the myriad details the TurningWest Team handles on behalf of clients.

Kevin McGowan

OD Intern

Kevin uses his background in clinical psychology to tackle hard conversations and drive change that is measurable, specific, and observable.

Kathy Vasquez

OD Intern

As an Organization Development Intern for TurningWest, Katherine uses her background in Industrial Organizational psychology to analyze areas of improvement in regard to the satisfaction and wellbeing of employees and employers alike and to increase efficiency within the company overall. 

Angela Jarecki

OD Intern

Angela has a passion for creating positive change in the workplace. She has the ability to tackle challenging situations, while simultaneously inspiring others to be mindful problem solvers.

Mary Reinders

Mary has more than twenty years of experience as a Senior Research and Evaluation Consultant. Mary serves mission-driven organizations in the fields of healthcare, higher education, human services, and arts/creativity.

4195 Chino Hills Pkwy, Ste 152

Chino Hills, CA 91709

909 896 3831

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