Angela Jarecki – Angela has a passion for creating positive change in the workplace. She has the ability to tackle challenging situations, while simultaneously inspiring others to be mindful problem solvers. Angela believes that growing a person’s strengths helps organizations thrive in a way that builds innovation, creativity, and teamwork. She is conscientious, determined, and ambitious, which helps her generate a positive work atmosphere.


Angela’s purpose is to create a culture of change by encouraging introspection and by relating to the client on their level. In doing so, she helps people discover their inner strengths so that they can build upon them. Furthermore, Angela sees weaknesses as opportunities to learn and grow, and will skillfully and enthusiastically guide you on your journey to help both yourself and others to succeed.


Before TurningWest, Angela spent her time working in Community Relations and Marketing in the nonprofit and healthcare sector. She has an uncanny ability to build relationships with people of a variety of backgrounds, and she prefers to highlight togetherness by creating change in the community.


Angela has a BA in Health Communication, and is pursuing her MA in Organizational Leadership. Together, they give her the ability to become a world-class coach. Angela also spent time volunteering to be on the Board of Directors at a nonprofit organization that served the vulnerable population, which is where her passion and drive for making a difference developed.


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