Creative Problem Solving

LightbulbThe one constant in all organizations is the need to innovate, to find creative solutions to challenging problems. The question is how. How can your organization gather a group of its leaders to unleash creativity in such a way that new avenues emerge, new markets are uncovered, and new profit centers are unearthed?

This was the question that drove advertising executive Alex Osborn to invent a new technique he called brainstorming. His 1942 book, How to Think Up, proposed this group creativity process as a means of generating many ideas hoping to elicit that one diamond in the rough. Osborn’s brainstorming method however, while often a fun, morale boosting exercise loaded with synergy, has not been proven in empirical studies to outperform other group creativity techniques. Studies have even shown it to be less productive than individual thinking alone. So you are right back to the question, how can creativity be unleashed to solve our business problems?

First, outdated ideas that have passed for intellectual gospel must be left behind. The people experts at TurningWest have long been fascinated with the question of how to unleash human creativity. We can work with your team in a variety of ways to hold creativity sessions that will advance your goals by envisioning new frontiers. We can do this in any number of settings including on-site and off-site retreats.

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