EscalatorA hallmark of great leaders is that they are forever on the move. Up, in, over, out, here, there . . . leaders by nature move.

What is habitually neglected however, is preparation for these leadership moves. Peter Drucker, the great management guru, once said presciently that “precisely where you succeeded last, is where you will fail next!”

What Drucker meant was that leaders need to engage in an intentional process of preparing for their next assignment, instead of assuming that they already know what it will take to be successful in their next move. Geoff Colvin, in his bestseller Talent is Overrated, cites the “experience fallacy” which highlights the same thing that Drucker pointed to, namely, that experience alone does not prepare a leader for success.

We specialize in leadership development. We understand how leaders are formed and how they stay competitive. We can help you prepare for your next move so that you land on your feet running towards your wildest dreams of success.

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