Change is hard . . . and . . . change is


In today’s competitive environment, if you are not constantly growing and changing, you are falling behind. The problem is that 70% of change initiatives fail – even those undertaken by Fortune 500 companies.

The reason for such monumental failure is that change initiatives concentrate focus on the ‘what’ of the process and not the ‘why,’ ‘who,’ or ‘how’. In other words, change is a human process. It is as much art as science. As people experts, we at TurningWest can expertly guide you through the minefield of change. We will coach your team to access the entire picture of the changing horizon. We will navigate you to achieve your goals. And, we will anchor your new vision firmly within your culture and set your organization on the path to future success.

You will anticipate hurdles, judge loyal opposition from entrenched resistance, learn new leadership skills, and grow your organization’s communication, trust, and mission. We come alongside you to take much of the sting out of the change process so that yours is a successful transformation.

Determine to be the 30% who succeed!

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